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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Coast Guard in New Orleans says investigating fire on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico .
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It just never ends does it?  Settlement from one disaster leads to the next.  Sigh.
Eric P.
Great....there goes gas prices. 
That is what you get for running your mouth about BP yesterday
Fire is out, my heart goes out to the workers and their families. I wish we had a safer more efficient alternative RIGHT NOW!
Because too many people think that Green energy is a leftist plot.
+Jonathan Lam I hear you and understand what you are saying. We don't have something that we could throw the switch and use worldwide TODAY. Political will given there will still be a ramp up which will mean more incidents like this will happen. Had we made the hard decisions in the 70's things would have been better now. We got the Pacer and Gremlin instead.
I think there should be xPrize like bounties on energy tech. $1Billion dollars for some breakthrough, tax free, but the tech goes public domain.  We spend over a billion dollars every 3 hours.
+Chris Norman isn't the prize being able to sell the energy you generate? I think that is worth considerably more than $1 Billion. 

Plus the issue isn't the reward, the reward for energy technology is clear and lucrative, it's the cost of developing these technologies and that kind of situation isn't helped out so much by a prize.
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