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Made this pretty clear in the last podcast.
Good stuff going on with the Nexus 4 but for the type of user I am, lack of LTE makes this phone dead to me.
No (easily) replaceable battery?  Unless this phone lasts 24 hrs without a change, no thanks.   
+James Oliver You don't sleep or go home ever? Do you currently carry a pocket full of batteries?

Am upgrading as soon as I get paid 
Might buy this to go along with my Htc One X just for shits ang giggles... And because I'm greedy. 
Selling my Galaxy Nexus and getting one as soon as I'm able...will cost somewhere around $200 for me for the 16GB.

Number of times I've removed my Gnex battery? 0...not an issue for me.
+Trevor Hanson Many days I don't have luxury of finding time to charge my phone, so yes, I carry a spare battery.  Any other clever questions?
I also carry a battery pack that can recharge my phone twice and my tablet once before needing a charge. And if all else fails...a handcrank charger/radio. Yes, I was a boy scout and took the motto "always be prepared" seriously.

That said...I have ample opportunities to charge my phone and tablet throughout the day.

What may work perfectly for me my not work well for why my make it a huge issue?
Galaxy Nexus still performing perfectly well for me so I have no reason to upgrade.

When I do however, it's a given it'll be the current (at the time) Nexus.
I'll get one ASAP, Tue 13th if possible and hand over my GNex (in almost mint condition) to my S.O. to replace the HTC ChaCha, which is an amazing phone, but it's lacking a bit...  Considering both GNex and N4 will be 16Gb GSM, it's a good upgrade for both of us and the N4 will actually be cheaper than the GNex (!)
I think I will keep the g-nex and wait till next year. 
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