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Curiosity... Waning. 
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Bill C
Now you know how the rest of us feel about Carbon.
I have been getting in no problem on my N7.

It is interesting, certainly a fun way to let off steam. But it gets repetitive, and the fact that only one person gets to open the box makes the whole thing rather fruitless. 
+William Gunther It isn't fruitless.. after we all work to reach the center everyone will eventually find out what was in the middle. 

I got to play for about 15 minutes last night but I don't think it was working properly because the whole cube was green and nothing was missing from it. Latency maybe?
It seems like you post a lot of cryptic shit.  Half the time I don't know what your posts mean.
+Tommy King Search Google Play for Curiosity. It's a game where everyone in the world is tapping on a giant cube to get to the center. 
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