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Really starting to regret breaking my "Not reviewing any more Droids" thing.

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Yeah you are the boss. So review it, Like a Boss!
Oh, I'm reviewing it. (Realize I just wrote that thing backwards ... Fixed.)

I'd sworn them off because of that damn ringtone. And I'm apparently also too lazy to change it.
I don't know what I would do without it. I like it so much I downloaded the Nexus one the first day I had my GNex for all my Gmail notifications.
So change the notification if you don't like the "DROID" sound. After all, it's Android... You can customize stuff. ;-)
My apologies, want to trade jobs?
Lol I never had a Verizon phone but I always thought it was cool when I hear my coworkers droid notification goes off. It tells you theyre on verizon lol
Lol that was the first thing I changed when I got my Bionic.
What should be the number of R's, O's and I's in this hashtag?
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