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Phil Nickinson hung out with 12 people.Jerry Hildenbrand, Andrew Martonik, Aaron Kasten, Allie Ogden, Benji Hertel, Kevin O'Quinn, Stacy Smirlis, Faito Trivelatto, Jeremy Duncan, Komeil Karimi, Alex Dobie, and David Boshears
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Phil Nickinson was in a video call with 12 others
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now there is a motley crew.
LOL.  Meanwhile in Australia it is the 13th and we are hitting refresh like mad!  Gimme my Nexus 4
Figures I am at work for this. JHERQUES!!!
edit: i mean that in the nicest possible way, of course
Wish I was free, I've been meaning to see how efficient Hangouts are.
Is there a 10 people hangout limit?
I'm not free so I can't make it
i think so. would be cool if you could hang out but jsut to watch/listen, or line up and auto-join when there is a free spot.
Can you guys switch it to a hangout on air so we can watch live on YouTube? :)
Would be nice if it were on air so we could watch guys
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