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6-year-old daughter opens a laptop in the kitchen. "Daddy! It's Windows 8!"

I'd say the marketing is working.

OTOH, five minutes later, "Daddy, how do I get it out of Windows 8?"
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Out of the mouths of babes. 
Marketing worked, product did not.
I have the same issue with Windows 8! 
Tim Box
I'm happy with Win 8...
a 30 second commercial can only do so much. . . .
Im pretty happy with it as a whole, just wish the google apps were available. Hate having to go back to desktop to download.
David B
I'm wondering if MS will be asking the same thing in the future? +Phil Nickinson you got yourself a smart girl there. ;)
I am afraid to take the leap...I still want my PC to feel like a PC...funny how I want my mobile devices to be cutting edge and I attack progress with reckless abandon, but I want my PC to be familiar and predictable. Ahhhh the duality of man...
Great. Ask uncle Jerry to install Linux.
Microsoft need to use less hype and more education.
I have been running W8 on an all in one HP that I use for an intelligent lighting controller for a road show.  I can't get used to the multi-tasking at all.  I feel lost and concerned when running the live show then I can't get back easily to the running programs.  Sadly this past weekend, I pulled the drive, replaced it with a newer one and went back to W7.  I have always been an early adopter but not this time.  I'm very happy now.
So is not only me who dislikes the unproductive interface. 
Windows 8 will take some time for me to get used to, that's for sure.
This was simply 'where is the desktop'? Seems obvious to me
I am pretty sure the elderly will just unplug it rather than trying to figure out how to shut down
After being made company superintendent in 1988 I started learning ms/dos, then windows 95 and every windows OP since. Not much I can't do on a pc. May even can show you how to shut it down, I'm 62. But I won't be getting the Windows 8, why learn how to ride a bike all over again!
+Marty Ballard Ubuntu's Unity was greeted with much the same derision. It took two versions before it started to sing. However I am with you in preferring Ubuntu over struggling with Windows 8's split personality. Sadly I think the lack of an up front price tag on Ubuntu puts people off and they will instead migrate to Apple desktops and portables if they can. 
... just broke a tile at the kitchen.
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