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Stop looking at me, ME.
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I just say 'damn....look at that sexy guy, yeah, i'm talking to you' then i point at my phone and make a 'click click' sound.
What device is that,that you have a wireless display option ?
You have to enable it in the settings.
Lol lucky you have this amazing phone
Haha! Nice.

So, in your opinion, was the launch a success based on the sell-out, or a failure based on the lack of stock and server issues? Haven't seen an op-ed from you guys on it yet. 
I like that pic better than your current one Phil. The g+ one looks kinda creepy. Just sayin'
+Nathan Harris I know you weren't asking me, but I would call it a missed opportunity. Google could have been way better prepared with more phones on hand, more than one server taking orders, and an overnight shipping option. Add to that having a system in place to now take orders and they could have been trumpeting the hell out of this thing. As it is, seems as if Google wants to keep this incredibly low key. That is an odd decision. 
Why exactly do we need to look at our face in the notification tray?
It's mostly for user switching, but that's currently only on the N10.
You should change the profile pic to one of you pointing your finger in front of you. You'll see it on your phone and you'll be extra creeped out.
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