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Plus, it really ties the room together.
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I love the industrial design of the Q. If you've ever picked one up, you know that it's heavy. It packs a ton of electronics, including a 12W amp, in a very small space; it could have been a slab, but instead it's a sphere: a cannonball, really. The top hemisphere is a volume knob and is mostly hollow, so all that mass is collected in the base. And here's the genius: to drive this point home, the bottom of the sphere is flattened, as if crushed by the sheer density of the thing.

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hmmm then I might consider. I don't 'need' one. I just want it haha :P
I was thinking about it as well anyone who has one, they worth it? 
They are cool i got 2 off of ebay for the price of one basically. 1 has cm10.1 and the other is stock still. If they can combine features of cm10 and stock functions it would be perfect
I really want one but haven't been able to afford it yet. Someday...
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