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I agree with just about all of this. Very nice rundown.
My Android 4.2 Thoughts

* Text is noticeably sharper across native UI elements. I think there's still further progress to me made in this area, but the improvements here are a great step forward.
* The new multitasking animations are very slick.
* Multiple user support on tablets is a great feature.
* Photospheres are fantastic, and could be a real killer feature going forward.
* The Swype-style keyboard works really well.
* The Gallery app has been tightened up nicely.
* I'm excited to see what comes of the multiple-screen and Miracast features going forward.
* Some welcome new security features.
* The refined clock widget looks great.

* Daydreams. They work just fine, but I do find it very strange that they don't function out of the box, and you must both enable and configure them. Given this, I can't imagine many muggles will ever see them. I'm sure this will evolve into a cool feature for the fridges of tomorrow, but I don't envisage using it much currently.

* I really don't like the lock screen widgets. Some of my major gripes: the camera shortcut is now removed from the lock screen; the UX flow for adding widgets is vastly different compared to on the launcher; the widget 'pages' now have rounded corners. Finally, I can't shake the feeling that if someone is willing to have their inbox/calendar available insecurely on a lock screen widget, why wouldn't they just disable the lock screen entirely and get to their home screen faster?
* The notification preferences look good, but usability wise they are a bit of a mess: clicking my profile image does nothing useful unless I'm on a tablet with multiple users; Airplane mode is an actionable toggle; Brightness spawns overlayed UI; and the rest of the items are just shortcuts to pages in the Settings. I'd have preferred each option on this shade be a toggle. As it stands, I don't see much point in this notification shade.
* The camera app changes in every release, but it's still yet to reach the point where it is great IMO. 
* Creating good photospheres can be a really finicky and slow exercise.
* Why this policy of linking the Gmail app and OS releases rather than releasing the updated Gmail app via the Play Store? Swipe-to-archive requires some new 4.2 specific system API? Puh-lease. I can understand the need for a separate Gmail app for 2.x users, but surely all versions of Android 4.0 (arguable 3.0) and above should be using the same version of Gmail. Google advise developers to take this course of action with their apps, and they should be setting an example here.
* The Clock app received some long overdue love, but I don't much fancy its UI. It feels a bit like its trying a touch too hard to be stylish at the expense of usability to me. Certainly, alarms should have more prominence IMO.
* I've definitely experienced quite a few stability issues than under 4.1. The Gallery app in particular seems to FC very often when loading a photosphere. 
* Sometimes I find pressing the power button does not wake the screen as quickly as it did previously. This delay is annoying, because I often find myself pressing the button again thinking the button press hasn't registered, only to find the screen powering on and then off again. 
* It is disappointing that this is seemingly the end of the line for my much beloved Nexus S, but I do appreciate support for it had to end at some point.
* I can't shake the feeling that something about Android 4.2 just feels a little rushed. Also, it does not feel like a unanimous step forward, as Android releases always have previously for me.

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+Kevin Shutt Go to Settings>Display>Daydreams

Think of it as a screensaver your phone or tablet activates when docked or charging. Can show Google Currents headlines, an Analogue Clock, a Digital Clock, pictures from the gallery, or random colours.
Lots of negatives. Can't help but think Google was rushed and hence announcing the phone through the verge, and not other big media names. Or rescheduling an event elsewhere at a different time.
I'm sure a 4.2.1 update will fix all the bits that were rushed for the #nexus4   launch date. I too would like to see the buttons in the new notifications bar become toggles (especially the wifi button).
I love that Daydreams is set to "When Docked" on default, and Google hasn't released ANY docks for the N7,N10, or N4. It's like a massive trolling feature.

I agree, 4.1 was an improvement in every way, but 4.2 is a bit of a mess. Too many weird design decisions. And this bluetooth bug needs to be addressed PRONTO. 
Yep, 4.2 is the first update I'm not 100 percent happy with. It's slow, buggy and unstable.

Not a big fan of the lock screen widget implementation either.
Wish they also added the native camera app to the nexus 7. There's a camera there needs to be an app! If the quick settings were toggles and I could add a music player to the lock screen I would be a lot more pleased. The text and multitasking ui improvements are pretty awesome though.
Feels like they needed a new version of Android to put on these devices and 4.2 is all the scraps they could throw into the Android-slaw. I have no doubt the edges will be ironed out due to the hype the Nexus devices got this time around. Just give us some toggle settings. Samsung knows it, Cyanogenmod knows it...please.
I wonder if all of these problems will be fixed in 5.0
This is the thing about Google. They have always been and seemingly still are in the "it's a beta!" mindset. Stock Android very much feels like that to me, which is why I don't mind Sense, Touchwiz, etc. Stock Android is the place Google tries new UI/function ideas, and lets manufacturers build on that, and they can see what sticks/what doesn't.

The trade-off is that sometimes you get situations like this where you're not too sure wth happened before release... It's a beta!
I disagree with the use of "muggles", almost threw my cat out the window over that one!
I agree with pretty much every point. The "quick" settings should definitely have a toggle option at least. Quick access to the full setting page is useful but a wifi/bluetooth/gps/etc toggle just seems like a no brainer to me.
Lock screen widgets are a bit pointless. 
Yeah I'm finding the system ui goes modal regularly. Freeing up storage space doesn't seem to help. Bad to release with so many glaring goofs and quality issues. 
Agree with a few points. Have notice that my Galaxy Nexus has become a bit sluggish after updating to 4.2
For once I'm happy Verizon takes forever to update to the latest OS :)

(I have a Galaxy Nexus LTE)
Definitely not as stable release as 4.1 on the nexus 7...prior this update I had no lags or fc or freezes but on 4.2 get regular lag and freezes...
I've found that using a launcher such as GO launcher let's the OS operate smoother.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm i like the camera shortcut on the lockscreen , i use the pattern unlock so the shortcut to camera was never there i had to always unlock the phone
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