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Sold out, not sold out, who gives a shit? It's broken. #nexus4
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as a side, I'm SHOCKED the Email Notification sign up failed to notify people when the devices went on sale. SHOCKED I tell you!
Broken, broken, broken. Google Play Store Devices is so bad at launches.
Shrug, I got mine with 0 issues.
+Matthew Foran to be fair, have you ever tried to preorder an Apple item? I've tried to do an iPhone and I remember it taking forever and having major issues. These things happen.
Worked fine for me. There was one minor hiccup where I got the pop-up that was supposed to have the payment option and there was no data. I just tried again and it worked.
Google has got to get on top of this...wait its too late, they screwed up the N7 launch as well!!!  They have failed in the department of device launches...
The Google Play store needs its own Project Butter.
Make that Project Butt Kicking for whoever is in charge!
Despite there resources, Google is new to this store paradigm. Can't perfect it over night. When the nexus 5 comes out and this bs continues, then I'll get mad. 
+Derek Duncan I got my email notification eventually. About 5 minutes after everything sold out for the UK.
I managed to sneak an order for a N4 16GB through around 10 mins ago. Received confirmation email too.
They messed it up with the Nexus 7 too. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. 
Just got mine a few minutes ago! Went on a different computer and a different browser which had the 16GB on Google Play which I had displaying on the page; refreshed it and I had "Add to Cart" appeared on me... Checked out using Google Wallet and transaction went through without a hitch! Got the confirmation email almost immediately!  Awesome!!!
Go back and keep hitting F5.
I'm just sitting back enjoying the show; I'll be ordering my Nexus 4 in January.
Just did the same thing.  Hit refresh and just ordered the 16G
Thanks to the complete lack of accurate information regarding the exact time the devices would go on sale, the 16GB version went on sale and sold out while I was in the shower :(
I don't know why people think this release was a fail..

It's great for Android, more people with more Nexus devices means more people enjoying Android the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. Has anyone ever tried to order an iProduct on day one from Apple's website, it's the same deal. There's not a lot of anything to do about all that web traffic trying to squeeze through the tube that's not large enough. Soon enough Google will restock and there will be enough of these devices to go around for anyone. No more stress. 
I was just able to order the 16GB version too.  It's completely random so for those who want one and if you have the time, keep at it.
I tried ordering for 23 minutes straight with all orders getting a cancelled notification pop-up and not going through. My friend ordered in one shot right next to me on his laptop 25 minutes after launch. Three of my 'cancelled' attempts actually went through and I have three confirmation emails for two 16GB and one 8GB. I am happy it worked, but that was not a smooth launch at all.
I think I just got one ordered. Waiting for email confirmation. And there it is!

Keep hitting refresh. Took me twenty five minutes. 
I ordered a 32GB N7 at 10:37 and got the confirmation a minute later.  N4's weren't available right then.  At 10:56 I was able to order the 16GB N4 and got the confirmation two minutes later.
I tried for the longest time right before went on sale... No luck....
+Tony Allen there aren't more people with Android devices. It's highly unlikely that a first-timer would be waiting in front of their computer for the sale to start. It's more devices for Android power users, that's all!
Their inability to handle a product launch leads me to think Google needs to buy some sort of Web retailer and let them handle the device section of the Play Store. Between the Nexus 7 preorder debacle and this....

And would it kill them to have the accessories at launch? Is this Orb going to turn into the fabled nexus 7 dock and premium cover? 
First time ordering a device from the play store. Took me 6-7 times refreshing after getting to Google wallet but it eventually worked. I'm in Canada and I have a buddy who wasn't as lucky. Google should have given a precise time it was to go on sale. 
+Tony Allen, uhm who cares about iProducts? Why the comparison? I want Google to be the best they can be. And this N4 launch and the N7 launch were horrible.
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