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One of these things is fresh in from Hong Kong via eBay. I have three of them. Perhaps it'll be giveaway time next week.

(And it works great!) 
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A lightning cable?
Or a touchstone?
Oh I know -- a battery for a Samsung phone!

(yes, I'm a jerk lol)
Wireless charging for GS3?!?!? 
I do hope this means you'll be doing a how-to.  Hopefully one that requires only tape, and not soldering.
Upon further review, I see that's a palm touchstone. Damn. 
Would like one perfect way to say im sorry and I love you cuz roses are not cutting it in this century and those are words that are hard to came out of my mouth haha .... This phone says everything for me haha 
Does the charging coil block the NFC antenna (assuming it's in thw battery)?
+Adam Outler re-reading that article, I must say it's too bad that everybody bar Samsung is moving towards Tegra or Snapdragon.
Perhaps what's from HK should go back to HK in a giveaway? just kidding
Wow.. I still have two Touchstones sitting in a box in the closet.  Hmmm...  
Yes it's got to be the table.... Nah, the wireless charging. 
+Yunsu Choi no I heard it's twice as slow but who cares if it's charging over night or at your desk.

The big problem I have with this is that it blocks NFC..... And I kinda dig that. 
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