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For everyone who's asked, here's the strap I'm using on my LG G Watch. I'd also recommend snagging one of those spring bar tool sets, and maybe a link removal tool. (They're both cheap.)
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Yes...yes it is...but so is the Gears strap. Something tells me its going to take an actual watchmaker (fossil, Kenneth Cole, Omega, Rolex, whomever) to take a swing at wearables before theyll be functional and beautiful...the current crop looks and feels like something a middle schooler woukd wear proudly along side their trapper keeper...
The reason Fossil signed on with wear is so that the watches would have standard widths and fossil could sell tons of bands for them. 
I need a recommendation for the Gear Live. I'll probably just go to the mall when it comes in so I can I can see what they look like on the watch.
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