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I think it's party having to do with the fact that this is an LG device, and we saw the fiasco with the G2X

Additionally, with no LTE and missing from VZW and Sprint may have something to do with it
I think the phone looks great but it's not that much better than the Galaxy Nexus.
Not being on Verizon/Sprint is a huge detractor. Doesn't matter how good the phone is if the service on it is crap.
I think the main reason is because many got the Nexus on Verizon and have no plans on switching carriers.
I'm stuck in Sprint land until December. Otherwise...
+Mike Lewis that's right around the corner! I'm leaving Sprint for the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile next week.
1.  I need LTE.  Verizon is best network.
2. 16 GB is just not enough now.  I got used to 32 GB
3. There will be something better than both the Nexus 4 and the Galazy Nexus.  Probably a Nexus 5 before my contract renewal.
4. On Jellybean, the Nexus is damn near perfect.
The Verizon/Sprint issue means nothing to those outside the US. Just saying. 
+Jacob Parrish verizon (in california) has been a big let down experience. i won't miss it and at $30/m it will be considerably cheaper to win without it
I honestly think the phone is going to be terrific and those on Verizon are only trying to talk the phone down because they can't get it. 
I'm surprised so many people said they were upgrading.  If you're a developer, sure it kind of makes sense but the Galaxy Nexus really is good enough for now.  If you bought a Verizon GNex, upgrading isn't an option till next Nexus is released.  

That said I know a couple people on T-Mobile buying this phone.  For existing T-Mobile users this is the best phone you can buy. 
+Graham Terris we understand that. But when a US blogger says they are surprised that more people aren't jumping to get the Nexus 4 unlocked, the US answer involves the lack of Verizon/Sprint access. 
I have both a Sprint and an unlocked Galaxy Nexus. I am selling the GSM Galaxy Nexus and getting the Nexus 4 next week. 
+Graham Terris This phone should be huge in England and other non-US locations they can get this subsidized through Google.  Elsewhere... this phone is sent to die.
And few points..

External Hardware... In an age when most external hardware is concealed by a case; who really cares?

Lifespan Category... Flawed comparison. Both will have a similar lifespan. They will simply be offset by a year. Next year's Nexus will be the same compared to the Nexus 4. And unless I'm mistaken, the Nexus S has not yet seen end of life either.

Internal Hardware... 32gb vs 16gb. And too, how the hell do you not consider LTE in that category? 
Android Central not a global site then? 
+Graham Terris Sure it's a global site, but the bulk of people who read it are US. We don't live in a country where having an unlocked phone is a big advantage. Phone doesn't matter if the carriers that its on suck at a national level.
So then there shouldn't be any delay when I place my order next week.
Personally, as a GNex owner, I'm in two minds. Which means I'll probably buy a Nexus 4 on day 1 :-) 
Please don't take this the wrong way but I have pre-paid T-Mobile in my area and I currently get about ~15Mb/~5Mb down/up. How does going to LTE and 1 losing battery life and two only getting about ~10Mb/10Mb down/up more bandwidth . Because in my area my friend has Verizon and that is all they are getting and we have tested in different areas and times a day. I have not found anything that I could not do on the GSM Galaxy Nexus that they could do on their SGIII. Oh yeah my plan only cost $30/month vs his ~$70/month
I'm surprised that so many people are still upgrading actually
+Phil Nickinson you shouldn't be too surprised. There's a key category missing... Carrier loyalty/reliability. 
I've got a gNex on TMO and I'm not upgrading since I got it when it hit the Play Store (not all that long ago). Plus I really like my car dock that uses the Pogo pins on the GNex. But I'll tell any TMO or AT&T customer that ask me to get this because of the incredible off contract price. 
If your on Verizon like me I don't really need to upgrade. My gnex had 4.1 two days after it came out and it will be the same for 4.2. And with my nexus 7 I'll still get the update fast. I actually just bought a big Hyperion battery and mainly use my gnex for tethering my Nexus 7. 
I'm not that surprised most people can't get passed the no LTE thing sadly. 
If I was not on contract I'd buy this quick! Not worth the penalties to leave early though. Gnex is a dam good phone. Staying put for a little bit longer.
+Ben Murphy But I would say on average, Verizon users get better reception in more areas compared to T-Mobile/AT&T. Forget LTE for a second, in my area Verizon is much stronger then T-Mobile in regards to data and cell phone reception. 
+Ralph Jones you should listen to the last +Techfoolery podcast. +Myriam Joire, +james bricknell and +Ashley Esqueda spent some time talking about that. People don't think and walk right to their carrier when they're due for an upgrade. I pay full price, but I can get any phone I want and I pay less than I would with the carrier subsidy and a two year contrat. Good thing I don't live in the States.
I'm dropping Sprint and my two lines due to their crappy data network and spotty voice service at home. As I already have an airave, all they said was to send my devices in with the airave after I cancel and they will waive the ETF. Sounds like a winner to me. Now, just to decide on T-Mo or AT&T Straight Talk.

+Ralph Jones You say carrier loyality, I say Stockholm Syndrome. US carriers are ridiculous in the prices they charge.
For me, it comes down to two simple things:

1) Coverage.  VZW, while spotty at home, has coverage everywhere I go.  TMo has zero coverage at home (and no UMA available on most phones to fill the gap).
2) I'm on contract.  I got my GNex shortly before VZW dropped the unlimited data plans, so I'm unlimited LTE until next year.  Throw in #1 and there's no reason for me to switch right now.

Next year, when my contract is up and I'm checking things out again, things may change.  I've been looking at unlocked/prepaid or Value plan on TMo for a while, and if their coverage wasn't a problem I would have jumped ship before.
+Shon G. Well it's not like I'm moving out of the US anytime soon. And while VZW is more expensive than other US carriers, they're (IMHO) the most reliable. So for me, and millions of others, that's not gonna change anytime soon. 
Well, if its about getting up to date Android, and if Gnex GSM owners have 4.1.2, and getting 4.2.0, what's the rush? 
dont forget most people are still stuck with their galaxy nexus thats why they have no other choice but to say theyre happy with it. its called butt hurtism.
I'll be updating. No established LTE in the UK. The Galaxy Nexus is a phone I still love but this latest Nexus and especially at this price is a must have and just too good to pass up.
I'm selling the GNex when my contract is up in February. The going unlocked contact free with the Nexus 4! FREEDOM! 
Nicer screen and slicker body. Upgrading!
That is why I bought the Razr HD last week. In two years, hopefully either the Nexus 6 will be on Verizon or AT&T will have gotten it's act together.
+Phil Nickinson I would get a new Nexus 4 without thinking about it... but no LTE means no support for the US largest wireless network.  If Google wants people to take them serious with the nexus program they need to do the exact same thing Apple is doing.  They have an iPhone designed for Verizons network and they run the software not Verizon.  It's about time Google step up to the plate here.
Eric S
I'll be ordering one first day. I still have a year left on my Verizon contract(Galaxy Nexus). I ordered a T-Mobile micro sim on Thursday, will give there $30/month 5GB/100 Minute plan a try.  Might keep both plans, don't know yet. Not sure how coverage will be. 
I think the deal with the poll result is that people know the Galaxy Nexus will get Android 4.2 soon (sooner than other phones) and therefore the urgency to upgrade is lessened. If you ran the same poll with comparing other non-Nexus devices I would guess the urgency to upgrade would be higher.
I'm happy with my GNex and will keep it another year. I got it the day it dropped last December, so I've still got a year on my contract. Plus I don't want to switch carriers. I get a corporate discount on Verizon. I live in a rural area where there is NO cell coverage -- not by any carrier at all at my house -- and I spent a fair amount of money on a network extender that provides a Verizon signal throughout the house. AT&T probably has a similar piece of hardware, but unless they would give it to me for free, that would be yet another expense on top of the new phone and the early termination fee for Verizon. So, thanks, but no thanks.

I hope that in another year when my contract is up there will be a new Nexus that will work on Verizon.
+Graham Terris i truly believe I will pick one up but I kinda want to wait a week or so to see people's experiences and to make sure there are no issues with the features that were not in the pre-release software. Although what do I do with my GSM Galaxy Nexus? I'm already using my Galaxy S as my music player. I don't want to dump / sell the Nexus but the Galaxy S ain't worth a ham sandwich. 
+Cory Bernardo apparently you totally forgot about the last time Google "stepped up to the plate" and offered the Galaxy Nexus on their network. I don't think they want to go through that again and quite frankly don't blame them for that either. 
I'm a happy owner of a galaxy nexus and Verizon... but I'm gonna lose my unlimited when I upgrade my phone... so I'm switching to prepaid with the nexus 4
Quick question! For those on the T-Mobile $30 plan! Are you talking about the Walmart $30 plan? And how do you get by with just 100 minutes? 
Not to surprised. Gnex users like me still have a year to go on contract, and no CDMA option is a killer for me.
I don't know why people are complaining! If this phone where to land on Verizon with LTE it surely wouldn't be 350 more like 800 and with still one year left on contract assuming you bought the GNEX you'll be paying full price! And if you would wait till your contract is over then by then might as well buy the nexus 5! #stopcryingbabies
+Derek Duncan totally agree! Besides look at their nexus...slow updates...GSM is the way to go! 
The lack of removable battery is a deal breaker. The low storage is livable. I'll be keeping my LTE Gnex. 
I like the LG Nexus what is just not enough of a difference from my Galaxy Nexus the dual core the camera and 4.7 in. and let's see the Galaxy Nexus is 4.65 and dual core comes with a 5 megapixel camera has jelly bean on it and is going to get updated to iOS 4.2 I'm good for now I was the next Nexus device comes up
Plus I just bought a better battery same size as the battery in LG Nexus 2100 mah bat and I'm getting a max of 14 hours of battery life and the other day I tested it on wifi and I got 4 hours and 23 minutes of on screen time with the phone lasting 10 hours so I'm good for now thank you for my Galaxy Nexus
Google should take their experience with the Verizon GNex and learn to make it better - not take their ball and only play with the international market. Google is full of smart people - are you telling me they can't figure out a way to have a Nexus on a CDMA network and push out their OS updates in a timely fashion. Google has the Play store, why not release their updates that way instead of OTA. In the US, carrier typically trumps phone because no matter how great and shiny a phone is - if you can't use data or make phone calls in your area, it doesn't matter. 
Are all the people talking about GSM aware that their GSM carrier is in the process of getting rid of GSM? Every American carrier will be LTE in the next five years. And then VoLTE. Then what? 
An upgrade every 2 years makes sense to me. But with the low price tag, if I owned a Galaxy Nexus I might upgrade anyway.

+terry diller LTE is based on GSM. Everything is designed to be backward compatible. CDMA will be dying.

Also, most people will not be using the same phone in 5 years.
I upgraded my gnex to the S3 I love it! The gnex is great I would not leave Verizon they are the best network I will just buy phones retail 
I was looking forward on getting the nexus 4 but with the announcement of the +HTC DNA I'm thinking of getting the DNA with has similar specs and rooting it and flashing stock android! What do you guys think?
1. If you don't live in an LTE saturated area its not an issue.

2. I would miss the removable but I never get a so are so that us moot.

3. Quad core vs dual core. Better screen. MIMO radios. Are compelling.

Biggest thing to me is if you think you can live in 16 GB vs 32 GB. If you can I think a phone like the Nexus 4 is more than worth the less than $30 a month for a year to own it. And S3 would be more than twice that.
No Verizon LTE, No Nexus 4. Its just the way it goes. I have to have Verizon for work reasons. 
As much as I like the Nexus 4, the Galaxy Nexus is the first device that I'm still absolutely happy with after a year. I'll at least wait how it will run with 4.2 and if it will get miracast or not before I decide to upgrade or not. 
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