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Switched to the Galaxy S5 full-time today.

And I can't stress this enough: Only get the white back if you hate yourself.
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I just got the white one...did I fail?
Soft-touch > hard plastic any damn day of the week. 
+Phil Nickinson ahh.  Didn't realize the white was hard.  That's not good.  Maybe they did it to make it easier to keep clean?
It went in a case about two minutes after I got it. Not a big deal....
Or just get a black/blue/whatever back and put it on the white phone. The whole oreo look.
Yep no one uses soft plastic when using white because of discoloration, remember the special i/o 2012 nexus 7, use to pick up color and dirt very easy.. I think the blue looks the best. 
The white one is fine for me, and I'm a tradie who's hands get dirty. 
Galaxy s5 "spouse" edition
+Phil Nickinson don't forget to disable my magazine from the home screen. Will reduce ulcers as well... 
So just the white is hard plastic and the others are soft touch? 
I have the white and happy with the choice..this bitch is slippery though
To be honest, it would never occur to not use a protective  case on any smartphone, from any manufacturer, so the color of the phone is infinitely unimportant to me.
You'll come back to the Moto X eventually. 
+Phil Nickinson What drives me crazy about the S5 is that ugly, shiny, fake chrome going all the way around the phone, however, I could live with that but they let the plastic fake chrome wrap around to the front of the screen. I find it very, very distracting, especially on the white one. 
Wish +Phil Nickinson would stop crying about the white color. Nobody cares. Can't he talk about things people care about outside of a color. Try a topic like the battery life with real use or the speaker, etc 
+Phil Nickinson we love you but youre a whiner. We get it, we've all heard you cry about the white on podcasts and g+ and every other platform you have. And then you waste like 10mins about a cosmetic detail nobody cares about. Letd get back to real synopsis here. 
People who talk about mobile technology for a living...talking about mobile technology? THE HUMANITY!! MAKE IT STOP!! HOW DARE YE SPEAK CRITICALLY OF A GADGET, +Phil Nickinson! Won't someone think about the goddamn children?!? 
Amén, goddamn children with latest goddamn smartphone!! 
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