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Looks like the update finally went live. If I were one who did benchmarks, I'd tell you that the Nexus 4 and Droid DNA have pegged this one out as I've used it in beta over the past week.

No surprise there.

Edit: Actually, just re-ran. DNA is beating out the N4 by a bit. Thought that 1080p display was supposed to be bad for business. ;)
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but the nexus is alot cheaper, best value overall, and vanilla android
Retired my Gnex and got my HTC DNA last week. Great device. A lot of fun!
+Phil Nickinson I agree. I really enjoy stock android and wanted to give the Nexus 4 a go but had a hard time walking away from my unlimited data plan on Verizon's network.
T Mobile's truly unlimited data plan is way cheaper than Verizon
Unlimited talk text and 42mbs internet with no throttle 80 dollars on value plan
12k out of a vanilla rooted Evo LTE! Not bad for a device running a year old soc

Just shows benchmarks mean nothing if the DNA beats the Nexus 4 as it shouldnt ... Same cpu, same gpu but the DNA has to push out a lot more pixels, it should definitely score less.
one thing people forget about benchmarks is that they are easily faked.  Samsung lead the charge and the others have followed with buffing the I/O scores on the US SGS2 to keep the benchmarks as high as its Exynos counterparts when no other phone using the same Snapdragon chipset set up could score as well out of the box.  I've busted HTC and others doing the same since.
It's easy to figure out.  Find a bunch of phones with the same chip set up. the scores should be relatively similar.  If one is way higher, look at its I/O & integer scores.  Bet its jacked up.
Dont put too much faith in benchmarks.  And if your going to look at them, IGNORE I/O & integer benchmarks.  Just look at GPU and such.  
Heh. Yep. Don't have to remind me of that. :)
So does the DNA cheat its I/O score on Antutu? +Phil Nickinson - it should be possible for it to score higher with those pixels the GPU is pushing. 
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