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Loved the share from earlier and this is just even funnier!
Hard to believe this is real, but it is.  This whole story is bizarre!
Oh my this is funny and eye opening
G+ needs a photo Like button in addition to the +1.
I'd never heard of Denver News7 before today so maybe they're onto something!

What's a little loss in journalistic integrity when you have trolls like me giving you free advertising? 
This happens all too often, it was only a few months ago that the BBC had a story about the UN's actions about Syria and they used the Halo UNSC logo.
Someone near me at a restaurant Monday evening said, "Have you seen her? She's a hobbit!" I don't see what's hobbit-like about her. I think I need the Jon Stewart summary on both these stories.....
Well that's unfortunate ahah.
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