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I want to quit the Internet until after CES. Can I do that?
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You can try to quit us...
Some hipster working for The Verge is doing it...
of course you can, just make everyone else use it. Delegation is a beautiful thing!
short answer....No. LOL!!

Youre in Vegas arent you? DRINK!!
I'll take your place.. They may not like what I have to write, but they'll get over it. 
We can trade! You teach my middle schoolers, I'll write. Just until after CES, though.
Sorry +Phil Nickinson . Didn't' you say on the pod case last night to Jerry that you are here to destroy dreams? Well that means your own too. Haha!
What constitutes "Internet"? Pretty loose term 
just walk around looking serious but play ingress instead 
I've been waiting for the day you quit the Internet. Do it, please do it! 
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