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I'm going to try buying a Nexus 4 FROM a Nexus 4. Cause a singularity or something.
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One word, +Phil Nickinson : "Sold Out".  And then available.  And then sold out.  And then available.  And then sold out.
Order a Nexus 4 from a Nexus 4 in the 4th a space whale.
can't Google just accept all orders and sort it out later? notify people when their device will ship
Woah, woah, woah.... Don't do anything crazy now Phil. I know it must be frustrating, but there is no need to resort to such madness.
"Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable.
Nexus 4 (16GB)" This means it's over??
I finally was able to get one. Kept retrying to checkout finally completed and got my confirmation.  So keep trying guys.
Alex M
As long as nobody reads this post ON a Nexus 4...
I was 1 of the lucky people the last time and got a 16 G . But this time I didn't even try I need to get 2 more phones for my family and I just let it go. I made no effort because I knew better. It occurs to me that is increasingly ridiculous that a company the size and scale of Google can't seem to get enough phones to sell to the people who want them and that is about all I have to say on the subject.
Phil it's time to just pay the extra premium and purchase one from a T-Mobile location LOL!
Update! Actually got thru to the term of sale! But couldn't accept the term! Called Google support and said actually your not able to complete the purchase thru a phone! Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!! Super Angry!!! And to top it off, he asked me to take a survey!.. Lol 
That's exactly how I ordered my Nexus 4 originally. From my Galaxy Nexus and it went straight through. >_>
Wouldn't let me accept it!! And it is from my galaxy nexus
+Hector Bribiesca I totally thought your name said 'Hector Barbosa' from Pirates. I was thinking "Pirates use Google+??"
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