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There must be some sort of "that's what she said" joke, but I can't quite  . . . 
I've seen this scene before; the zombies come in about 2.5 minutes later.
Isn't the the end scene of resident evil?  Michelle Rodriguez is supposed to be around somewhere.
+Kenneth Lee I once had to full out sprint from one end of Atlanta to the other, in dress attire. I share the hate for this airport.
You are on the plane train.
Also: Rise and shine, missssster Freeman...
I'm eating a nice blackened salmon with Japanese beer. What's wrong with this airport? 
David B
Ahhh.... No photo sphere? 
David B
Sorry, assuming of course it was taken with the N4.
I was stationed at Ft. Benning, about an hour south of Atlanta, for 4 years and I loved each time I flew through Hartsfield.  The best organized airport I've ever been through.  Oh, and you gotta love the walking sidewalks and the plane trains lol
You can walk a lot of the atl airport, it is fitness month for you guys
Plane Train! Ridden that many times in the airport 
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