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Not sure which is worse ... this Outlook app, or the fact many of MSFT's Outlook blog images are broken here.
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The Outlook app is really hideous.   Of course that site you linked to is fairly bad too.  
The app is the same as the Hotmail app but with a different name, pretty bad imo. 
+Martijn Kuenen , you are right!!  It is downright pathetic.  I haven't checked yet but I would if there is a mobile version for the browser.  

Edit, I just checked and there is no mobile site.  I opened it up in my EVO 3D with the chrome browser and I got the full site. 
"The best part was, after spending just five days with it, 4 out of 5 of these Gmail users said they would switch to"
Who on earth did they survey?!
+Kathi Sharp they surveyed Microsoft employees but seriously gmail is the best I do have a windows live id but it is my gmail account so no hotmail 
I have had a hotmail account for 10(!) years. I do still use it but no way is better than
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