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Randy K
+Phil Nickinson Someone doesn't know how to put a spec sheet together. The Nexus 4 has GLONASS, Miracast, and a f2.4 BSI rear camera. Makes me wonder just what else is incorrect.
+Jason Roberts it's basically a nexus 4 with minor changes and it's probably not considered one of the more popular devices in comparison 
Not very truthful information, miracast wasn't mentioned for Nexus 4 idem for infrared port on HTC One. 
Randy K
Seriously guys, under "GPS", aGPS and GLONASS were mentioned for all of them except the Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 DOES have GLONASS. Why was this deliberatly left off? Is someone down playing the Nexus 4? Also, why was it mentioned on most of them that they have a BSI camera sensor and their f-value, but not the Nexus 4? The Nexus 4 has a f2.4 BSI sensor. This information is very misleading.
When Galaxy S4 comes, maybe it will be different. ;-) 
+Joel Fabiani When the Galaxy S4 comes out, it will probably be Nexus 4 > Galaxy S4 ≥ One = Optimus G Pro
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