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lol at all this excitement over the OUYA dev console walkthrough. The hardware is going to change. The UI is going to change.
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Honestly I didn't really like that guy that reviewed it his game looked cool but he didn't seem very knowledgeable to being a supposed developer. I love how his main complaint was that it didn't show his mac address at the beginning what device does that?
Change for the worse? I think you're missing the point. Aren't people just happy to see a unit to have reviewed?
Change for the worse? There's nothing to compare it to yet. 
Had a google voice recognition fail. My point was, it's not a finished product It's going to change. Everyone expects this. As long as it does not change for the worse... I think you are miss reading people's excitement. They're excited about a units to see, not the exact specifications presented to them to the spot
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