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Fuck that bring unlockable bootloaders, on time upgrades and we have a the "sound and camera experience in 2013"of course =)
HTC started great in Android but some how they went behind. Now is their chance to gain steam, let's see what they deliver.
+David Perez HTC supports unlockable bootloaders, has updated most of its 2012 line to Jelly Bean and already has a really good camera. Right?
+Phil Nickinson The AT&T One X still doesn't have Jelly Bean. That was arguably the BIGGEST launch in recent HTC history. Obviously the onus is on AT&T here, but it's still a major negative.
Remember guys, can't blame the OEM's if carriers are in the way.
+Phil Nickinson A true unlockable bootloader like other handset makers, think of the thunderbolt..did that get's more than powerful enough to handle jelly bean and the only phone with a good camera is the one x, right?...I'm asking...
+Derek Duncan I know. That's why I said "Most." So if most other phones have already received it, where might the holdup be, you think?

+David Perez Most use some sort of token strategy for unlocking bootloaders, and I'm OK with that. And the TB getting ICS is a gift. Official JB ain't ever gonna happen. 
+Phil Nickinson I know, it's obviously AT&T here. But AT&T managed to approve the S3 JB update. And regardless, most consumers don't care whether it's AT&T or HTC holding up. They see the iPhone updated constantly with no interference, they see Samsung updating timely.

It's a big issue. When the Samsung Rugby on AT&T gets JB before the One X, you have a problem.
One X all over the world (even the Rogers version, which is identical to the AT&T version) has Jelly Bean. AT&T's does not. Let's blame anyone but AT&T.

Sounds legit. 
OK +Jerry Hildenbrand that makes sense, but the consumer doesn't care. It's still HTC One X on AT&T and it's not on Jelly Bean. It's obviously AT&T's fault, but then why has AT&T updated other phones like the Rugby or S3?
I would ask them (AT&T) if I needed to know. And thinking the consumer knows or cares what point version of an operating system is on his or her phone is crazy talk.
Well that's not entirely true. Look at the iphone. Apple made people care about what version ios they are running. I understand its different, but carrier or manufacturer, its still just excuses.
HTC hasn't been good for regular updates in the US since the OG Evo. Probably because their phones sell far less then the s3 and make less money. That's the downside of going with the smaller manufacturer in android. 
+Derek Duncan I don't see how its excuses when you didn't buy a phone directly from the OEM. You bought it from the carrier.

If your carrier hasn't pushed an update, its because they want to sell the newer phone that they have.

The S3 also only has one successor coming. Not one in the same year followed by another phone six months later. 
+Derek Duncan I get your argument, but Jerry's right.  Your average consumer doesn't even know what version of Android is the latest, let alone whether or not they're running it unless they've got a techie friend telling them.

I know it's frustrating to "us" when it happens, but I don't think it's nearly as big of a problem in the "real world" as it appears in the vacuum of the vocal Android followers on sites like Android Central.

You mention Apple getting everyone excited about updates, but the truth is Google doesn't "advertise" new versions like Apple does.  And, frankly, when Google does put out a new version it usually includes a lot more new functionality than any new version of iOS that I've seen in recent memory ;)
Also if the general customer cared enough they would hit up the Android Central forums for information on rooting. And buy a t-shirt cause t-shirts are cool. 
All I know is I have a friend who stopped being an HTC customer because his One X isnt updated and the S3 is. Comparable phones, came out same time, compared to each other one has JB, one doesn't. 
Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T -- Feb 19, 2012. Almost a year later and no Jelly Bean. The Rugby pro can run it, so we know the Note can. 
Tim R
+Derek Duncan your friend is in the minority. The vast majority dont know ans don't care. I'm wondering why you care so much what your friend does ?
That's shameful too. But the S3 and One X was the comparison of the time
My Australian Telstra One XL (which is basically the AT&T One X) got Jelly Bean three days after the S3 got it over here.  Telstra don't have the One X+, but AT&T do.  Infer what you want from that.  HTC's One X 4.1.1 build was all done and ready to ship by mid December, so the delay's not on their end.

Back on topic - I think the One X/XL had one of the most underrated smartphone cameras of 2012.  Exposure was spot on, low light performance was only second to the Lumia 920, it coped with HDR conditions extremely well, and shot-to-shot time is still pretty much the quickest on a modern smartphone.  The only area that it fell down was in detail resolution at extreme zoom levels.  Unfortunately, most of the smartphone reviews were done by non-photography nuts, who were only interested in detail resolution, and dismissed the camera on that basis.  Based on that, I think HTC's focusing on the right area, if they're looking at improving overall image quality, rather than megapixels.
My Amaze is stuck on 4.0.3, buggy, and the camera stinks. Just bought an ipod touch for Facetime, better camera, and,... um, I dunno. Never buying another HTC again. Once bitten.... 
Tim R
So +David Spalding you're going to let your experience with a mid level phone sour you on an OEM for good? Define buggy. Updates aren't everything. They are nice but your old divide does not suddenly become less of a device just because a new OS comes our and only a tiny percentage of apps required the newest Android OS. 
I always love it when people tell me "I got an iPhone because my [cheap] Android was so buggy." Because it almost never fails that those same people end up asking me later "my iPhone is acting up. What do I do?" And my answer is always the same: "lament that you're no longer running an Android phone where you could actually do something to try and fix it." 
Mid level my ass. The Amaze was the top HTC phone in T-mo's stable in late '11. Wi-fi is unreliable due to HTC replacing ICS' wifi supplicant driver, and they refuse to fix it. Camera also has a loud noise during stereo video recording. I test software for a living. Those are bugs. Spend a little time browsing the T-mo Amaze support forums and you'll hear a lot more. Smugness doesn't always pass for "informed." ;-) 
Tim R
No smugness intended. Im not looking at the specs at the moment but the Amaze was mid level compared to the Vivid and Rezound from the same era. Both of those got the upgrade just fine. It actually improved the Vivid quite a bit. 
Tim R
Ok I looked into it. It was higher end than I remembered. Not quite up to the other two but close. Sucks it never got fixed. 
+David Spalding actually, I suspect you nailed the problem right on the head: "the top phone in T-mo's stable..." Samsung is winning the Android OEM race because it quit playing this "carrier exclusive" game. HTC still has a problem with letting the carriers pay them for exclusivity. All that really ends up doing is limiting your customer base. And let's be honest: a phones priority in getting updated is going to be largely affected by how well it sold. 
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