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Very cool sight at the soccer game this morning. 
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And which phone was this video shot with?
Tom S
What a beauty. Love the sound of the old engines. Thanks for the share +Phil Nickinson 
You gotta love NW Florida and its rich military culture. That was a beauty though. We get a few guys over Destin Harbor that mock dogfight every once in a while in a few P40`s 
I was lucky enough to fly in one of those, about 15 years ago. What a blast, as my grandfather flew in one in WWII. 
I used to flight instruct out of Falcon Field in Mesa AZ, which is home to "Sentimental Journey." That is a gorgeous silver B-17. Loved looking at it. Nice video +Phil Nickinson 
Sweet.! What a great plane. My uncle was a camera operator in a B-25. Always wanted to see a B-17 up close. Is there an air show in town? 
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