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Another bad example of native #photosphere on a non Nexus phone.

When I say bad, I say "bad" because it's in a small room, on a platform I'm not used to.

The UI is different on this phone than on the Nexus 4 and stock Android.
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What was that taken with? Glad I have my nexus 4 lol. Might not be perfect, but better than that.
What's the LG-F240L?

Edit: After a quick Google, it's the LG Optimus G Pro.
I don't say this much, but that makes me sad.
Those are called translation errors. It's what happens when you don't calibrate the time machine properly. #Timeline 
Nobody's figured out which phone yet? :)

Seriously, don't worry about the quality of it yet. Gonna go take some outside in the morning when it's light. It's 11 p.m. here now.
It's the Apple distortion field at work again.
It works better if you pivot the phone around the camera lens instead of holding the phone out from your body and turning.  More difficult to do, but alot less distortion when it tries to stitch the images together.
I'm more concerned about who actually brought purple lights to put up where you guys are staying at. 
Is that two Nokia WM phones in the same room at the same time? #First
Thank you very Phil. I just learned a new feature on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. 
How come photosphere can run on non nexus devices? Porting? 
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