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Phil is going to cause a seed of trending on google ;-)
XDA forums for placebos? Red or Blue pill?
brb calibrating my battery
Not sure what it is... but I am definitely indignant.  Unless I should be excited.  Offended?  Happy?  Oh hell, time for a drink.
Don't forget to do a clean wipe beforehand.
Front to back.
not sure the issue here. The app does what it says it does and states that it might affect the battery. It's also been out for a few months.
Too funny...I assume you are talking about the app for root users "seeder".  In reading the info from the apps google play page, it longer will you wait in frustration for your homepage to redraw the icons after pressing the home button!!!  LOL, if you gotta wait in frustration like have bigger issues with your phone and need a new phone.  Some users were reviewing the app and saying how it made my "Note 2"  So much faster!!!! this is a NOTE 2 we are talking about right? with Jelly Bean and project "butter"?...I'm gonna have to say...  Com'On Man? #ridiculous  
Oh crap here we go again..... Wait for me, I need to go rotate the air in my tires!
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