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You've gotta check out Action Launcher's "Covers" feature. Very nicely done, +Chris Lacy!
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Allen A
Yes! Been looking forward to this!!
So there was no beta version for bloggers that contacted him before full launch?
+Kevin Harvell I've sent you a beta version. I only finished covers very recently, and I wanted to get the app out as soon as possible :)
+Chris Lacy Thanks. I downloaded and gave it a spin after watching the app video for the full.

Have already decided that the full version is going to be worth checking out for all features and have it.

Congrats on this product, looking forward to future updates/features.
Wow, this looks pretty awesome. May have to give it a shot. 
Love the idea, but it needs a unique name. Finding it in the Play Store was almost impossible using a search. 
+Danny Cooper In my experience, new apps take a while to appear in the Play Store search results. I'm hopeful the name won't be too generic.
+Ken Sheppa I am currently using it on a GS3. Stock, unrooted with ICS.

I have only seen the following issues so far:

1. The messaging app says it is not installed when the launcher first is active. Deleting that shortcut and putting a new messaging shortcut back on the dock allows the app to work.

2. Sometimes it will default back to Nova launcher even after making sure Action Launcher is the default.  Testing to see if restarting after making Action Launcher default will take care of this. This worked when I first started with Nova Launcher and was suggested by its developers.

3. Inability to add widgets in ICS due to the Android API limitations. Sometimes when you drag a widget to the page, after you get the error message, the widget will stay stuck on the screen and you have to restart Action Launcher to get rid of it.

Seeing as this is still in beta (0.9.6 is what I'm running) I think it is working pretty well.
Thanks +Kevin Harvell . I upgraded to JB yesterday on my ATT GS3. May just give this a shot this weekend. The covers idea seems brilliant. 
I think that asking 3 euros for a beta version of a promise of something great isn't the right way to go, +Chris Lacy :) 
+Chris Lacy You're right, when I posted it was showing up, but you had to scroll down on the results page to find it. Now it's first. Good luck with the app!
+Chris Lacy is it true when you try to download this from the play store it takes you to the browser for an apk? Why this? Also I'd love to try it but I'm worried 15 mins isn't enough time. Do you suppose I just wait for more updates. Also I think people would pay that amount for tweetlanes especially with updates. Just a thought. 
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