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Or that people make mistakes, but trolls last forever.
I was a little surprised that no one said anything on the subject after it was apparent you guys had been (half?) wrong, good to see it corrected.
Nobody likes trolls, that's for sure. But a mistake on top of a mistake on top of a mistake has very little to do with trolls. Slight arrogance, more like it, and not just in this recent issue. I've noticed a few more during the past few months. However I give you credit for trying to correct the situation and I hope AC comes out stronger and better because of it.
You wrote an article based on the information you had. You then amended the article to make it clearer for those reading it later, a good thing? Of course, who wants inaccurate information on their site. At worst all you did wrong was not add an editors note about the update. At best you made sure everyone had the right answers. You aren't China, everyone just relax.
+Stu Wicks Yeah. The handling of the update and deletion of some comments is what we really blew. The LTE stuff is arguable -- and it's a really interesting argument. (Though that's not to say in hindsight I might not have written things different. But hindsight's good for things like that.) I'm really curious to see where the LTE thing ends up.

We're a big target to hate. I get that. Like I said. We'll take our lumps. We deserve them here. But we're not going anywhere.
+Phil Nickinson Agreed. I think it's obvious you weren't trying to mislead or misrepresent and if my comments get deleted when they become irrelevant then I could care less. (While yr here I need yr help. I've got a Desire HD running jellybean, a netbook with SSD, a Nexus 7 & a PS Vita. How do I convince my Wife I need a Nexus 10?) Great site, Podcast, team & ethos. 
Saying that you blew it is a bit harsh. Mishandled it a bit - maybe...but 'blew it' is too strong a term.
Also, I couldn't help but take note of your statement regarding the menu element in Windows phone. Even when I used the Samsung focus with a 4" screen, I never felt like the menu bar took up too much space.
Now that I'm using the HTC Titan 2 with a 4.7" screen, the menu bar is a non issue.
Maybe you used apps that did not take advantage of the new screen resolutions?
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