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My 2-year-old just fired up the Wonder Pets on Netflix on an iPad mini... All by herself. 
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My two year old, has been all over the IPad for a few weeks now. 
My 2yo took over my Nexus 7 leaving me only with my previous gnex.. kids these days
Wonder Pets... Liked that show. Now mine have outgrown it :-( 
Our 5 year old basically took ownership of our Transformer Prime for My Little Pony. 
What's going to work? Obviously not teamwork, in this instance.
My 2 1/2 year old has taken over the old desktop and works it better than I did at 12-13.
Funny I had a Lady at Starbucks mistake my n7 for a mini. She then explained that she hasn't opened the one she bought yet because its for her kid..
What I take away from this is the iPad mini is the new fisher price tablet.
May I point out that if you left your n7 laying around +Phil Nickinson that she would have figured it out on that too.
Also if you upgrade your n7 to 4.2 you get user profiles. Each kid could have their own and not mess with your settings. 
Our galaxy tab has been the property of my 22 month old for... 5 months now? We turn off wifi so she doesn't blow our data cap watching Backyardigans on Netflix. 
This is why I don't have kids. I hate sharing. 
Mine control my old transformer better then the mother, but what get on my nerves is not being able to control or remove YouTube from it. 
I have a Sony dash in the kitchen and had to disconnect my Netflix account from it because my 3 year old found Netflix on it. 
+Phil Nickinson , awesome that your 2yo is rocking the tablet...even if it is an iPad. lol

Now if you could just get her to graduate from WP to Jack's Big Music Show! :)
I refuse to get my Android news from an iPad owner. (Sent from my iPad)
PHILIP! Putting a two year old in an Apple product is the equivalent to binding little Chinese baby girls feet.
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