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So while everyone is hitting refresh you taunt us with nexus posts.. :P
It's cool... Chrome is doing the refreshing for me. :)
Milty C
Phil I dont really think that being able read widgets on the lockscreen without entering a pin is a security concern. If something is private you woudnt put it on the lock screen in the first place. Also having to enter a pin too access lockscreen widgets defeats the purpose of having the widgets on the lockscreen.
Don't forget those verification codes are valid for like seconds... so unless someone steals your phone and is ready to enter instantly you're safe. You could of course just not use it if you're concerned, no biggie
+Ben Baggley The concern I see with that is that if someone steals your phone and tries to log on to your account they can easily get a verification code without having to get past the lockscreen.
+John Zander sure they can see the code, but they aren't valid for long, so it will likely be useless.
+Ben Baggley Not really. If I, for instance, had access to your phone and a computer all I would have to do is go to and request a new verification code to be sent. Then your security is back to being reliant on your password alone, and that sorta defeats the purpose of 2-step verification. 
+Ben Baggley Of course, most people will realize that putting your Gmail on your lockscreen is a loosening of security, but I truly wonder how many people will think about Messaging the same way.
+John Zander Okay I guess you're right there, but this is all down to user choice in the end. You can't really complain about having the option to do something, if you don't want it then don't do it. Not having a lock on your phone is a big security concern but you should have the option.
Um, this may be a silly question - but are all widgets supported, or only lockscreen-friendly Google ones?  Not clear from the articles I've seen...
+Richard Cohen for now, there only 4 or 5 lock screen widgets supported.. gmail, messaging,calendar,digital clock, and camera. I may be missing one. But that's pretty much it for now
Only a security risk for the STUPID.

If you don't want people getting into yer stuff if they have your phone, then don't put that stuff on the lockscreen. Simple 'nuff.
+Carlos Rosas Thanks - so it's not like widgetlocker which lets you put any widget on the lockscreen then... presumably there will be APIs, or manifest options, to let third-party developers support the lockscreen.
I must I'm a little disappointed on how the lock screen implantation came out. What's the use of having multiple screens full of lock screen widgets when I can just unlock my phone like normal had have the widget on my home screen or a swipe over.
+Brett Warren calendar is a useful one; now I can just quickly check it without entering my pin to unlock
+Ben Baggley that's true, I can see that being useful. I also like how you can get to the camera faster if you are using a pattern or pin unlock. That was probably what was keeping me from using a pattern unlock all the time because I liked having quick access to the camera. Now I need to find a way to get out of my Verizon contact. Arrr Anyone have any ideas? 
Everybody here's discussing the possible security issues of these new widgets and here I am, trying not flip out over Phil writing chances instead of changes and inobx instead of inbox. There's also a y missing from one of your's.

Phil, Phil, Phil...

So awesome! No security concerns for me.. If I want to keep it secure keep it up behind the lock screen 
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