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Among the many things I'd love the +Google+ +Android app to do, show photo details is pretty close to the top. 
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Play .gif images like the iPhone version does.
I would like to download images from the app too...unless I'm missing something here?
+Michael Rogala click on image, menu, download image? At least that's how it works on my gs3.
+Michael Rogala +Robert Romano yes that is how you would be able to download images. But not always, some people choose not to allow downloading of images. It would be nice +Phil Nickinson to view photo details without having to download then go to gallery and view details from there. Also +Micos Benjamin I did not know the iPhone version does that. That would also be nice. But I guess we can't have everything all at once.
Also, add the same nav bar swipe that Pulse and Evernote beat them too...
Sorry guys I should have mentioned that I was using the iPad version of Google+ ....But I never knew how to do it on my Android devices either so THANKS!
How about Google providing T9 dialing in the standard dialer? 
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