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Wait! We're not done yet! +Jerry Hildenbrand reminds me that I in fact have a phone that has Gorilla Glass. And it looks like this after six months of what I'd consider normal use.

It's the only phone I have that's this torn up.
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Mine to! Gorilla glass isn't all its cracked up to be. Wifes iPhone looks the same.
I have had my droid x for a little over a year and it doesn't have a scratch on the screen... am I just lucky?
I use one of those Zagg protectors. I like it though some don't.
There are things i used for all my phone It's called 'Skinomi screen protector + a case'.
It's wore out because it was a worthy daily driver for +Phil Nickinson ! That speaks volumes for that phone regardless of the troubles that this phone has had. I love mine and I've had it in a Seidio Active case since day one. Its in perfect condition with the exception of the pealing kick stand. I might fair well selling it if i want to buy a Galaxy Nexus.
My Droid x looks great too and I've had it since launch, I won't have any problems selling it when it comes time to upgrade, which will be here pretty soon.
So not all gorilla glass is created equal? I still want a Galaxy Nexus with or without gorilla glass.
Repeat: Out of all the phones I've used on a daily basis at one time or another, NONE has torn up like the Bolt. :-/
+Phil Nickinson but what about the galaxy nexus being made from special plastic extruded from oil produced by the skin of suffering baby seals? We haven't covered that one yet.
The only thing keeping me from selling my TB is simultaneous data and voice over 3G is there any other phone doing that on VZW?
Does the EVO have Gorilla Glass? Because I've been carrying mine in my jeans pocket since the day it came out without a case or screen protector and it has nothing but one little scratch. And you have to hold it under a light and put it at just the right angle to even see it.

Bottom line is, from what I've seen, everybody who's actually touched this thing in the flesh has loved it. Haters gonna hate.
My Droid Charge does simultaneous voice and data. Since 4G LTE is a gsm based frequency, any verizon LTE phone can do it. I would assume. 
Maybe You Should uninstall the sandpaper app.
Thunderbolt doesn't do it over 3g either...that is aa limitation of cdma, not the phones
+Brad Sando, can't agree with you there. I bought my 17 year-old son a Droid 2 last Christmas and had to get a replacement (insurance) 2 months back as several of the keys on the keyboard had completely fallen off. It eventually quit working altogether and he was without a phone for a weekend waiting on the replacement. No water damage, and no obvious shell damage from having been dropped. And now the replacement they gave him isn't responding to text input.

I only bought Moto because I got two-for-one pricing for both of my boys. I'll never buy Moto again. Don't like their designs anyway.
+Jonathan Franklin Nope. Voice goes over EVDO R2 and Data over CDMA on the TB while on 3G. Somebody call me out if I'm wrong.
+Brian Woodard is right. The Thunderbolt uses SVDO I think its called to accomplish this over 3g.
Maybe because you knew it had Gorilla glass you weren't AS careful with it as you would a phone without it?
It would be sweet if the VZW Nexus would have simultaneous data/voice over 3G. But I doubt that Samsung would want to add the bulk to the phone for the antennas.
The real question is are all of Phil's other regularly used phones this beat up, or did HTC design an especially "durable" product with the TB?
Screen protectors.... who gives a shit about gorilla glass vs. normal glass, its glass or whatever 
I sold my OG Droid on ebay a long time ago.. and i bought it the day it came out with never using a screen protector.. when i finally sold it, and cleaned it up you indeed could see minor scratches all over the screen.. not deep but the where noticable.. i was very careful never putting the keys and phone in same pocket, so i due time it shows on the screen.. gorilla glass is just a GIMMICK.. the website has you thinking its invincible and tough etc.. its not! My Droid X had minor scratches, again treated the phone like a baby and still came out with little scratches here and there..
Shiet, how are you that rough on a phone! I've dropped my incredible out of a moving vehicle, slid it across the ground during heated discussions numerous times, and dropped it god knows how many times, and it looks nothing like that haha.

The only thing that has me kind of miffed about the new phone (now that I have read the GN forums and know why you are doing these posts) is the no sd card thing. But it's not going to change my mind about this phone I don't think. Well as long as I can get the 32GB version. ;p
honestly I dont know the damn difference between glass a and glass z. its just fucking glass.
So much much for Gorilla Glass!
I had an incredible come off my bike at cartwheeled for a few dozen feet. still worked although half the screen was missing. I had just left a verizon store too. I went back and showed the staff there, you could see the geeks die a little inside, but Yay for insurance. Another time did the same thing with a BB curve @ 20mph...just a scratch (literally). I've been more careful with my atrix, but it has the same dock as the other 2, so I still have insurance, lol.

I dont have a clue what the atrix's screen is, but w/ 6mths of heavy use and not being very careful with it (again, yay insurance XD), I've only got 2 noticeable scratches, and maybe half a dozen more you can see if you get the forensics kit out.
Haha the now infamous thunderbolt

Weird, I've had my Galaxy S (Vibrant) since Release Day, perfect screen still. In fact, the entire phone is almost mint other than light scratches around the bezzle (I've been in it several times for the GPS fix, front face camera mod, etc).

I think it's more of a Thunderbolt/HTC thing than Gorilla Glass. I've got several friends with near mint devices with the stuff. That said, I think Gorilla Glass is more about keeping your screen from shattering into a million pieces and less about preventing scratches.
WTF? I've had my Fascinate for a year. I've dropped it and thrown it a million times and the screen is still perfect.
Wow...that Thunderbolt went to hell and back...
Gorilla Glass is very good, but if a manufacturer puts a surface coating on it, it will scratch. 
+Alexander Gunther same here. i use no screen protector and have dropped it many times, and put it in/out of pockets a bazillion gajillion times. screen looks brand new.
Let it get a few more deep scratches then throw a screen protector on it 
My fingers emit a sticky lead-based liquid that coats the screen whenever I use it.
Thats exactly what my Tbolt looks like. JUNK PHONE!
damn dude ever hear of a case and screen protector?
I always have to have a screen protector and case on any phone. I can't help but be careful with my phones. I'm too poor to afford a replacement even with insurance. 
Im a little late but the tbolt does do voice+data over 3g. I would know I do it all the time. 
Ehem, Thunderbolt has gorilla glass... On the camera... 
It is worth pointing out. You have a screen protector on it making out look they bad.
Normal use == in pocket by itself or with another phone, or in my hand. No keys, no change. I've NEVER had another phone tear up like the TBolt.
+Phil Nickinson have you tried using the ghost armor? It will save and protect the life of your screen. 
Doesn't look like a screen protector is on it to me 
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