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This is pretty good for me for a travel day. #nexus4
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Upload quality appears to have suffered...
have you tried the inductive charging yet?
+Phil Nickinson
Can you tell me about how chrome performs in nexus 4? I've always seen that chrome for Android lags and isn't as smooth as a stock browser in, say s3 or one x
+Kevin O'Quinn check again in a few minutes. G+ always has a low quality image first in my experience.
+Anurag Poddar  I am so used to the Lab Quick Controls that I can't imagine using my phone without stock browser. I wonder if google will keep developing it in the AOSP #nexus4
So the battery on the Nexus 4 is good? (Random message from a bar in London.)
If I'm not mistaken, if you share the picture from inside G+, the resolution doesn't get messed up like when you share from the Gallery app. 
+Anurag Poddar I'm also interested in that. For some reason I get the same thing where the stock browser is much more smooth than Chrome. 
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