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Five minute Snapseed review: I'm not convinced Perfectly Clear isn't easier to use. Anyone agree?
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The features that snapseed have will take some getting used to, but it seems really powerful with the few minutes I spent on it. 
The straighten tool needs help. It should be inter grated with the crop tool. When you straighten any photo, you need to be able to crop, adjust in the same action. These are desperate in snapseed. Overall, its an excellent editor on Android, it has features no other app has such as selective spot adjustments. Also, full resolution export is beautiful.
Snapseed has a lot of really nice things, but sometimes I just want to use a filter. I'd like to see Snapseed and Instagram have a baby. So I can do quick filter and post images when I want and detailed editing and photoshoping trickery when I have the time.
Running Android 4.0.4, but can't find. Strange.
Not used perfectly clear but the gesture stuff in Snapseed isn't the best way of selecting what you want to change 
I just found it at Snapseed's website. It redirected me to the Play Store. Thanks.
Thanks for the link :)
Why is it not searchable in UK Google play??? 
Pixlr Express and Pixlr-O-Matic are my go to edit apps. Have been using them since day one, you won't be disappointed. 
I've noticed some real pixelation using frames or grunge filter effect on the android version but on ios same photo looks better :/ maaaaan
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