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Interesting. Looks like you basically have the apps drawer menu on your home page. New launcher???
That's... weird, is this a custom launcher?
You uh... seem to be missing something...
Tom S
Interesting...... "I see what they did" :)
Let's cut to the chase: what version is that and where did you get it? 
Well, looks definitely interesting. Though the the tabbed Interface looks weird
I really hope it isn't the 4.2 launcher...
Would hate if this was the new Android 4.2 launcher.
Haters gonna hate, I think it looks great.
Then again when I first saw ICS screenshots I said I hope they're not real, haha 
Although, it is a far more simple (easy to understand) for new users...
I wouldn't mind something a little different. Now, if you could choose where the launcher goes and move things around to customize them...
Innovation! The app-less phone!
Apps up in the notification area, Interesting.
Looks mighty interesting. I like it. A lot :)
Anyone can do that.. Just use launcher actions in menu 
Side navigation to access apps? It does make sense. 
Interesting indeed. Not sure if I'd wanna reach to the top of the nexus to open the app drawer. Lazy, yes.
I wish the Android icon set was a little more unified. The OS UI looks great, but the icons are so varied and different that it makes the UI look out of place with those icons.
This could make phone and tablet UIs more consistent, however I really don't fancy reaching to the corner on my GNex for apps, or even worse on the Nexus 7...
+Eric Thompson I believe that's reserved for the magnifying glass.

Btw, I really like this minimalist approach to this supposed new launcher.
Please explain....hope this is not the direction we are headed
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
What is this?! Why is it up there?! This is freaking me out! I don't like change!!!
+Joel Millkamp Android is less about a single direction and more about providing the choice to go in the direction you choose...
I honestly do not like all. I hope this is a screenshot for a 3rd party Launcher or (at the very, very least) something down with an OPTIONAL setting. This would be just a bit wretched for users with larger phones, like the Note II. (Can't wait for that, btw.) Why spread out the controls and shortcuts?
Phil said he was playing with a new launcher on twitter, this is probably it, a 3rd party app, like to know what it is and try it out though
They're putting an omnibox of sorts on top and I love it!
This is the new secondary pull down menu in 4.2. A quick access menu, possibly opened by swiping on the now box? Idk, exactly how to open it, but that's what that is.
Adam J
Change the launcher symbol to something else, looks good
Idk. I kinda hope it's 4.2's homescreen. But knowing google, we have a choice.
I was hoping Google would push more and more controls to the bottom of the screen. As phones get bigger, the top of the screen is not where I want to be tapping all the time. 
Ron, check my link above. It is a custom launcher.
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