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8GB of RAM? How's that bad? 
Oh I know it's outdated. Isn't it the same as the Touchpad specs?
"You can do better than the 8GB of RAM" Not for that price I can't.
Is it responsive and pleasant to navigate, launch apps and whatnot?
Better off getting a nexus 7.
Yes. 8GB of RAM. All of your mothers knew what I meant.
Looks like a 'mistak' when he wrote 8gb of ram, though I'd like 8gb of ram. 
He clearly meant its running 8 versions of Gingerbread
BTW 8gb of RAM would still not make me remotely intrested in this
Thing is, at $170 it's competing with cheap tablets that seem to sell quite well despite being horrendous. If the tablet is at least bearable, given its looks and price you could do a lot worse. Although, I would never recommend it over the nexus if someone could afford the extra $30, especially with the double storage. 
It seems redundant to have to say it, but 8 gigs of SD-ram is storage. Give +Phil Nickinson a break here guys. If you read the actual article it does state "8 GB of storage"
Hp is a failure company. They killed WebOs. I wouldn't trust them for anything. 
And then Google re-releases the 8GB Nexus 7 at the $150 price point. 
Although I've had many HP products in the past, if I'm going to buy an android tablet, I'll take the nexus. 
Alex M
I think HP should drop the S in the name.

Because with this specs - this thing is at least 1 year to LATE! 
Good thing I bought a Nexus 7, which happily was 16GB in a 8GB box.  
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