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This is real simple, people: If it's not in AOSP, it's not on the Nexus 4.
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There is not much to stop it from being added for those who tinker. 
+Jason Miller there actually is. T-Mobile's Wifi Calling app is all proprietary and a special app has to be made for each device. We never saw Wifi Calling come to the Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus, so I wouldn't expect it on the Nexus 4 either.
There are several apps that accomplish the same thing currently in the app store. No need for a carrier installed (non-removable) app...
...and I have been schooled!

Thanks +Andrew Martonik for the clarification as I was under the impression that, were I a bit more resourceful, I could take the application from on of my T-Mobile devices and get it onto the Nexus 4 once rooted (if I end up buying one). That certainly makes sense though. 
+Jason Miller unfortunately it's much deeper than just an app, otherwise we'd see T-Mobile publish it in the Play Store for any T-Mobile customer. There are lots of very resourceful people that have tried on other devices to little success, unfortunately.
None of the Google apps are in AOSP... but I get what you were trying to say here :P. 
That's too bad because I really enjoyed their wifi calling back when it was able to seamlessly transition, even during calls, from wifi to the network and back. Even if that is no longer possible the Wifi calling itself is big selling point for me. However, the built-in SIP calling is still there, I assume, so that will make a for a good alternative. 
Went all in on GV about a year ago. Works fine.
edit Link all your #s to it & only give out that one #. Never have to notify anybody if your other numbers change.. It stays the same.
I forced everyone into submission I guess:) hehe
+James Vaught I don't believe any app in the play store allows you to continue using your own number when making/receiving wifi calls. It's basically UMA calling, and a pretty awesome carrier installed non removable app.

But this isn't a shocker, the Nexus s never had it... 
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