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Huzzah. Today's nightly CM10.1 build for the Verizon GS3 fixes data. 
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Cool. Now we need a data fix for the AT&T GS3.
I went back to CM 10.1 nightlies after trying out TouchWiz on the S3 w/JB. While I like some of the TouchWiz features, 4.2 incorporates some of those (beam photos/videos, notification toggles) and I truly LOVE the CM sms rich notification.
so are there any outstanding issues with this build? does the camera work?

i'm on aokp m1 currently, but have been debating on making the switch to CM10.1. is there a changelog somewhere?
+Phil Nickinson people are saying data is still not fixed. Are you talking about the build from this morning or the next build for tomorrow? 
Data and GPS and photo ball for me and I'll be happy d2att camper!
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