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Sneak peek at Sunday's column: The dumbest freakin' thing I've ever seen my boss do.

I'm starting to keep a list, actually. So here's the one that's been knocked from the top spot.

/cc +Kevin Michaluk +Derek Kessler 
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In this relationship, Derek wears the pants. The evil, evil pants.
No, I still think the $500 clock app is way worse than eating an onion for charity.
Hypothetically, if that stupid stunt works, I'm eating one.
The guys in Waterloo need to give him some BB10 love very soon he is starting to crack. Nice edit desk BTW.
Actually hes in winnipeg. Not much to do there since hockey isnt on.
Chris M
Kevin, you're my new hero. 
Kevin, you DO NOT eat the outer part!  Peel it off!!!
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