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I mean it would be fine if they were named differently, heck some sound like they could be called "Car Crash."
Branding at it's finest.  Burn the word into peoples mind every chance you get.
This is only the 1st gen. Next firmware update will feature DROID RAZR MAXX LTE HD Ding Dong
I know a lot of non-tech people that think a "Droid" is a phone unique unto itself, not realizing it's an Android phone.
And it's just Moto/Verizon. The damned Galaxy S3 shipped without a single "normal" ringtone. As in, something that sounds like a damn phone.
But I'm damn sure it shipped with a whole lot of drips, drops, chirps and tweets. Stupid nature.
One of my coworkers just got a GS3 and he keeps calling it his DROID, I shake my head every time he talks about his phone, makes me want to slap the DROID out of him. I tried to explain a few times but finally gave up.
My wife keeps asking me if there are any good "droids" to replace her iPhone 4. We're on Sprint, we don't have any "droids"...
Vzw and moto need to really lose all that droid branding .. it seems like they just came up with whatever come to mind first 
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