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been waiting for this review in particular. Thank you.
+Stan G if you want a good and unbiassed review before you buy it, give this a lookee see
Stan G
sold. don't have much choice at this point
edit - NM, figured an update would possibly be on the way. Just curious if it worked at all.

so +Phil Nickinson you couldn't get it to connect to the Netgear push2tv at all? To bad the Q doesn't work like that. Maybe we'll see an updated Q soon to follow.
I love that you included the soundcloud clip to compare the speakers. Nice touch.
This is too early!! I can't read it until tomorrow.  Couldn't you have waited a day? (jk)

My dilemma: I'm in Mt. View until the 20th, can I order it in the first few minutes on the 13th, get 2-day shipping, get it shipped to me in time before I jet out to NC, or ... should I wait. What a gamble. Maybe I should drive to Bldg 44 and bow down before the Android figures. "Prayer for judgment, prayer for Nexus...." 
It's with trepidation that I read your review. Sometimes I find such in depth reviews spoil the excitement a bit.

Who am I kidding, I need moarrrrr
Only 8 gigs and non re removable battery is a no go
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