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And then someone shows up in the comments and panics. (in the article) Good read and I agree. Next up: Term limits for both Houses. 
All term limits do is restrict your right to vote. 
Well written and positive. I like that. Let's just hope Obama won't stick to a tax plan that cannot pass either house.
And ensure people are there to govern over making a lifetime career out of it. 
Think about it. Term limits prevent you from voting for someone you may feel is doing a good job. It takes away your choice thus giving the government more control.
Since you won't budge how about no limits but switch to paid for health care and all benefits stop once you are booted out? No more serve once, lifetime freebies. 
I'm cool with that. These bozos pass Obama care and aren't beholden to it. The best way to ensure no lifetime politicians is the vote itself.
Yes we found a compromise! Democracy wins. 
All that does is limit your support. Both these guys spent through the wazoo and it made no difference.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I will always stand behind a call to our better voices.  Nice article at an important time
Term limits for congress and the supreme court, along with campaign finance reform would do wonders for our elected official's attitudes.
I'm for term limits and campaign reform. There should be a set amount that both parties can have and let certain things be free as long as there about true facts and informational like tv adds, posters and rallies.

If they can't come to terms and agree on what's best for America then we should be able to vote them out. 
I like the Daily Show's reaction : "X billions of dollars, and we're right back where we started?!" 
Those comments. Yikes. So much fear and loathing...
That's a heck of a woman you got there Phil
The problem is that he's making socialist policies which will turn our country toward a downward spiral. We have survived 236 because of responsible policies. This is not responsible. 
Every time you vote, you have the opportunity to limit their term. 
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