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Pretty impressive update. Going to give Pocket Casts a run for its money. (Competition is good!)
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Saw a reply from stitcher about downloading podcast. They said that they are currently working on that feature.
Pretty happy with TuneIn Pro, might give it a try 
I mostly use Stitcher for podcasts.  I love TuneIn especially when you are in new city and trying to find a station.  I still like radio is spite of all the add free stuff out there. 
I left Stitcher and tried Pocket Cast....have not looked back ever since! I do use Stitcher on my iPad tho. Pocket Cast is best! 
i think pocketcasts is still better, sticher has some playback issues, 
I'm using Podkicker. When this has downloads, I will take a closet look at it. 
Stitcher does allow downloads on some podcasts, the ones it does not allow on my playlist are NPR podcasts for the most part perhaps because they are daily news. 
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