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Guy to the left: wow! What a piece of shit!
Dude on the right: yeah i know. Some kid gave it to me for a gram of bud. How much does it go for on ebay?
Guy on the right = .......HP made it......
Guy on the left = Facepalm 
Think of these guys as HP employees;
Guy on the right, "This is a piece of junk and we are going to sell a million of them",
Guy on Left, "oh, crap. I work in tech support..."
Guy on right: "...but it has Beats"
Guy on left:  "What a relief. I was just about to dump it"
If HP were smart, they would sell them for $99 and have an HP ecosystem for consumption of media, like Goolge, Apple, etc.
Dude on right... check out my new hp slate!!!! Dude on the left...bro why would you buy that piece of shit didnt you see what Phil said about it... dumn ass
Dude on left:check out my tablet. Dude on right:is that an ipad mini? Dude on left:it's from Hp why would you think it's from Apple? Dude on right:cause it has HP written on it. Dude on left:so? Dude on right:cause Apple are a bunch of Hijo de Putas.

+Stallon Silver +Ruben Rodriguez +Carlos Mercado +Jonadab Debe 
Holy shit, I can't believe she put that on Google+!
What do you mean "do I want to watch my wedding video from last night?" 
Man I really did that last night, hope my kids don't see that 
"OMG, all of the Angry Birds are bigger now! Awesome!"
Guy on the right, It has In-app printing!
Guy on the left, That is so worthless, facepalm.
Check out my new HP tablet.
You are even dumber than than I thought! Nexus only Dude.
OMG!, we totally look like the guys from WHAM. 
Alex M
"look at their slogan, dude: HP slate. We had it for 2 years in the vault. Now it's too late." 
Dude on left. Is that an HP Touchpad 2? Dude on right. I think so, I got it from salvation army.

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