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Using it, too. And I don't disagree.
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Well that's good that us Android losers get a lesser product. Always fun.
I do like the new Google Now features added today...can't wait to see how incredible they look on iOS.
I'm not sure I agree. It looks like the only difference is the fly-out labels in the ipad version. That should be pretty easy to implement if it is better.
what the hell is wrong with Google are they smoking crack over there? would think they would make the  Gmail  app work  as well as in  iOS.
Good strategy to avoid anti-trust lawsuits.

"What do you mean we're a monopoly? We're even trying to make the iPhone better."
And WebOS still trumps them both.
What's better? Is it the swipe-away left pane?
iOS got the new G+ layout before Android.. and now people are saying the Gmail app is better on iOS. Smh 
I'd say the tablet version has not been optimized yet. Then again I like Google search better on iOS because it recites more finds. Try a who is? Search on both you will find that iOS tells you the wiki info android version does not. Again, what is Google doing?
+Shaun McLane Google Now and Google search are two different services. Apple will never get Google now because that would allow Google too much access to apples devices. But iOS does have a bitter version of Google search
I like the IOS version ..... on a 10 inch tablet anyway , androids is perfect for smaller the I phone app the same ? As I think on a small screen it should be kept to full screen e-mail
I had to dust off my first gen iPad to try this for myself... I have to say that this is really embarrassing for Google and basically tells me that they don't care about android tablet users. 
The part I like is that Google is making a better mail app for the Ipad than Apple is. Genius! 
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