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It's good. It's really good. With a little room for improvement. 
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Just needs multi-account support.
Yep. Unfortunately, that's a deal-breaker for me.
Purchasing.  I really only use Twitter as a news feed but an AC recommendation generally gets my attention.  
Trying it out. Very impressed so far. 
Nothing in this review leads me to think it's better than Plume. 
Ok, this is nice. The only thing I'd ask for is smoother scrolling. I'm going to replace the official Twitter client with this on my S3 after using it for a few days just to be sure. 
I use Tweetcaster Pro but have been using Falcon Pro since it was in beta. The developer is very active and always keeps us informed. Love that about the app.  +Phil Nickinson The donate button was on there for when it was in beta and free. I think he just forgot to remove it or just left it there if people want to donate more since its only a $1 and we know how twitter will limit the profit at 100,000 licenses
Since I don't use Twitter heavily I have not kept up with the new limitations for third party developers. What happens after 100,000 licenses.? Can they simply not accept more users or does the application stop working fully?
Purchased the app already. So far I'm very happy with it. It's smooth, clean, fast and has a nice tablet UI. Still missing a few mportant features but the developer seems very active so I'm confident it will be added later on. Has the potential to be the best twitter client for Android. And it's only $1... 
Looks really nice but it seems like the timeline view takes up more space per tweet than it does on Plume.
I just moved back to Android from iPhone and this app is better than the famous Tweetbot IMO, it's great.
Just bought this bad boy it's very nice
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