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Android Feature Request: Where appropriate, double-tapping an item on the quick settings panel toggles that item on or off.

I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but +Adam Powell has mentioned that the Android team designed this screen less for power users and more to make the discovery of such settings easier for non-power users.

As someone who strives to design accessible apps, I respect this position. But as a power user, I want more from this screen. 

By making each appropriate item on this screen respond to a double-tap, power users could quickly toggle items on and off as they want, while muggles could use the button as a shortcut to the settings page as per the stated design goals.

A double-tap would also be a similar power user feature as the double-tap that was added to the "Always/Just once" Intent picker in Android 4.2.

What do you think?
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THIS!!!! I went back to power toggles after this this joke of an implementation. 
I argued this with a Google Android developer..... He does not get it, he is convinced that the way it is now is the way it should be !!!I will look for the g+ post and share the link so u can read it !
It is like a lite version, I think google will make it customizable later.
huh. I guess the rom I'm using has something built into it, cuz I can turn them on and off by tapping them. But yes, that's the way it should be.
It's like this on the beta Paranoid Android ROM based on 4.2.  Single tap to toggle.  Tap-and-hold to go to settings.    Still not as convenient as the pre-4.2 Cyanogen/AOKP ROMs w/ toggles right there at the top of  the notifications pulldown.
Wow. Create the It's more like add the cruise control! Lol
Milty C
This feature should been done like it is on the GS3 - Tap once to toggle wifi on or off OR double tap to enter the wifi settings.

Currently it takes TOO MANY taps just to turn something like wifi on or off.
I was thinking they could just allow you to long press to jump into that specific setting and allow a single tap to toggle it
Or single tap toggles and long press goes into settings.. This window is a bit dumb to me
this window is a mess, the airplane mode is a toggle, but he rest of them take you to their settings page...why not just all toggles?
Needs one or four more icons?....or needs one or two less?....seems unbalanced because it is!....not sure why you need this to toggle if you use the Power  Control widget.....if you really want to contribute to the geek world...write another power control widget that just toggles Wifi/Bluetooth/Brightness/All Radios {on-off} AND Shortcuts to  Battery (with percentage remaining)/Settings. This actually fits on a screen and covers what I IIIIIIIII need (which Google seems to have averaged)...................of course, if you just show the battery percentage remaining in the status bar the whole world changes....................and all you need to do is run a $230 billion company in your spare time.....aren't you talking about what +ClockworkMod and +CyanogenMod Apps are all about????????????????????????????????????????????
and on another note, how is it that none of you dweebs has written something about the capacitive touch difference on the Nexus 4 vs other devices???? I only own a Nexus S and a Galaxy tab 8.9. for comparison, but the Nexus 4 feels hotness? I like a clean screen and so use a stylus when possible and the Nexus 4 requires pressing with a stylus where as the Nexus S just required a little hovering.......really under reported review item for the dweebs looking for something to whine about.
oh yeah, and why the 4u34 don't the phones have a restart option on the power menu????? what inconsiderate idiot has not yet figured out that it is more convenient to select Restart from the power menu than to have to actually power the device off and then actually remember to power it on again???? WTFWTF????
+Jimie McCutcheon As i posted farther up, Paranoid Android (2.99.5) and likely others (CM 10.1?)  do it the better way  already.

+Andres Benites Which 4.2 ROM are you running?
That's a great idea but I'd prefer a tap to enable/disable and a double tap or long press to act as the current shortcut it is
This implementation would be fine with me. I don't use Bluetooth (probably the main reason for that is lack of support in my 11-year-old car), so I don't really care about that. However, probably the most important one I want to toggle is Wifi. What Adam Powell doesn't realize sometimes Wifi is just slower than 3G/4G, and I want to use the faster mobile network. I'm also in favor of an auto-rotate toggle on phones. I have it turned off right now because my face is not the right way up, so neither should the content I'm viewing.
Someone forward this to Cyanogen...
Morequiklypanel is the app to get for all of this
Chris M
Using Xylon ROM for custom toggles that show when no notifications are present. Its fantastic.
This quick settings panel is useless as is. Samsung and HTC both learned from Cyanogenmod, I think it is Google's turn now.
+CyanogenMod has it right. I get google's position, but the last time I left my data, wifi, GPS and Bluetooth on all day, was the last time I did that. Maybe 4.2 is way better power management. I am definitely going to test this "leave everything on and let the phone be smart" idea out. I will just be keeping my charger nearby.
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