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What'd you do today at CES? Just hung with at the Intel keynote.
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+Phil Nickinson show off... I wanted to go to the CES show too. Now I have to come on here and read, you're a rock star now. Its people like you who give Geeks a bad name. Unless you get me in for next years show, I'm gonna have a bitter taste in my mouth about you Phil
Cool. If I remember right he sponsors a first robots team. At the 2011 nationals the black eyed peas did a free concert for the kids there.
I'm sorry Phil. That would give me a major headache. I'd rather hang out with an actual musician.
I agree with Craig, and I have the chops to say that, as I was in radio for many years back during college and talked with many people/bands who could play and sing well. Curiously, I thought they used to do a lot of BB ads....
Yeah, I don't find his work to be a real musician. When I was in radio there was so much talent that only got college radio play. We used to say that people did not know what they liked; they liked what they knew. Just because some exec thinks BEP is great does not mean they are or at least I don't have to agree. Hos works is noise to my ears and annoys me.
I can see you not liking his music, but to say he's not a real musician, is a pretty bold statement.. I don't listen to Elton John, but if were to say he's not a real musician, there's gonna be a lot of people who's gonna totally regard anything I have to say about music.
Sure it is a bold statement but like many other things in life we all have our opinions on what things are. I would say from what I have heard of his work, the melody harmony and such is not to my liking nor to what I would think a musician is. I have been around people like Johnny Marr, Matt Johnson, Public Enemy, The Sisters of Mercy and Sarah Brightman. Those I find to be what I would call musicians. Perhaps my definition is different than yours. I will give him some more ear time to see if I am missing something, but I am making no promises.

Bback to my original post, did he not do Blackberry ads recently?
+Bob Collins here's where the confusing comes in. I like Public Enemy also, but I can't call them musicians. They are rappers, no more no less. Will. I. Am, is a musician, he plays a whole list of instruments. I don't listen to his music, but can't deny him being a musician.
Eric, not sure what the "Zing!" is about [ ;-) ], I just happen to recall the ad, but I never watched it all. Okay, I'll give and say he is a musician, however he is one that I do not like nor find interesting.

David, no worries, I found Public Enemy to be more interesting and entertaining than Black Eyed Peas or Will.I.Am, and I get your point about the rap, I just find their ways and style at least back then to be better for my ears.
No, that is too funny. I was a long time BB guy and just recently jumped ship to Android. I have not followed RIM and BB of late, so I am out of the loop. I wished I had known, I would certainly have enjoyed the ZING! Let the RIMshots fly; they lost me by sitting back on laurels and not moving forward.

There are some BB things I miss, but the extra functionality and apps (I never thought I needed or would use on BB) that I use on my Atrix 2, I am happy to be gone from there.

David, thanks for the link, I did check out the video.
What do you think, minus the rest of the group?
I have not had a chance to give it my full attention, I had a family member pass away and I am trying to get out of town for the wake and funeral. I'll get back to it as soon as I get back. Cheers to all.
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