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The Nexus will never not be sexy.
I was listening to the Android Central podcast today and I disagree with the notion that LTE is not a deal breaker, basically AT&T is different than Verizon and they do allow any LTE capable device on their network, this would make it a great phone and Google won't need to ask AT&T for permission.
I know the LTE chip costs a lot but even with that, the phone would still be cheaper than the Galaxy Nexus, this would give people who want LTE an option and strengthens Google's stand with the carriers. If it's a hassle to support all different LTE frequencies and implementations globally then I believe a second little more expensive version of the Nexus 4 for the US market that supports AT&T's LTE network is the answer.
I love Android and I believe stock Android is the best Android experience but I also believe that what differentiates Google and Android fans is that they always look for innovation and the bleeding edge of technology and HSPA+ is definitely not that, my wife's 55Mbps LTE on her AT&T phone is. 
except perhaps for the very first nexus, I've never really seen those nexii devices as being bleeding edge technology. They've always been cutting some edges some where, and the nexus 4 continues down this road.
The specs will be very similar on all top notch phones for the coming six months, but being a nexus device I would expect this phone to have the edge on speed and general smoothness. (That's what I would expect, but I've heard rumors that this might already not be the case. Let's hope that isn't right)
none the less, I'm seriously considering buying this phone, just because I'm so sick of the manufactures own skins ruining the android experience.
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