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How big is too big for a podcast episode file size? I'm playing around with mp3 encoding quality.
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Doesn't matter.  Just post the podcast! My WiFi is unlimited. Please and thank you.
Anymore does it really matter as long as you have wifi. 
Keep in mind that some of us use podcatchers for their mobiles, so not too large to fill our puny potential Nexus 4's ;)
Numbers, people. I want numbers. Or I'll just increase quality until people start complaining. :p
Ah, I just want it posted. I missed it tonight and need my fix.
1 MB per minute, you could also start using open source formats.
Hell, 100MB is still higher than what I encoded at tonight, and I think tonight's sounded pretty good. Thanks, guys.
Most of the episodes from the "other" android podcasts streams are usually around 30-60Mb for about 1 hours worth.  And it quality is sufficient.
Sooooooo, gimme that podcast! Please and thank you. I"ll also need that Nexus 4 you're hoarding.
Content > Sound quality, loved the N4 review btw
My podcast app doesn't see it yet.  I'm refreshing like crazy.
It must take it's sweet time showing after you upload it.  I know the full URL, and it ain't there.  Oh well, it'll be there when I wake up.  Listening will make Friday that more awesome.
+Cory Streater is a show off.  I see you're in Washington.  I expect to hear an even more laid back and relaxed podcast involving you, since a certain law passed.
Phil do you all use nice mics when your recording?
Just downloaded BeyondPod to get my AC fix and hitting that refresh button like crazy....still not showing up
Most of the podcasts I listen to are around 60mb for an hour show. I would say 100mb is acceptable but more than that is pushing it.
+Clayton Schluter The quality varies. Phil has the best one, probably a boomed hypercardiod, some use headsets, which can vary in quality greatly. It pains me quite a lot when someone replies to him and is washed away in background noise, poor dynamic range and inadequate wind noise removal. :'(
I agree that 60 to 80 mb is good, but the digitized quality makes no difference when Skype starts dropping out or cyloning. I hate to miss a single word.
64KB should be enough for anyone. 
50 MB is Ok. Anything above that, and it takes too long to download manually before I leave home in a hurry. Even worse on 3G. A battle to finish downloading before the subway reaches the first tunnel and the speed gets crappy :-) Guess I should start to auto download, though, as I listen to all your episodes anyway :-) But more seriously I don't think any larger files will improve the audio significantly. It is just talking anyways, not music. And hasn't the audio been encoded once on Skype and lost the HiFi quality already? 
I'm on a double your data 10gb plan so anything under that is cool!! lol
30-50 mb would be pretty nice, 128kb sounds good.
20mb from one who lives in a country that has data caps! 
Your podcast and the BS report are my largest in download size. I could do with less quality for a smaller size since I travel.

Ps buy Jerry a new mic he always sounds terrible compared to Alex and you. 
Most ill stream from my phone are 70mb or under
First, do you need to release your podcast in stereo? If it's dialog based, probably not. Keep in mind that a 192k stereo file is actually two 96k mono streams (left and right channel) in one file. So if you want the same exact quality, but half the file size, encode a 96k mono MP3 file. Done. At the worst, your music won't be stereo but in a full length show, how many music drops occupy your show really? Not much. It's dialog driven. The voice is the most important part, so it might not matter much and be a worthy tradeoff to sacrifice stereo for the music in your show for the smaller file size associated with a mono file. 
+Jason Howell is AAA in stereo? You guys seem to stay under 50mb and the sound is incredible. 
at 128 kbps for mostly voice and only music in intro and outro, that is more than high enough quality, I for sure wouldn't go above 192kbps, that's almost overkill for voice unless you're playing music a lot.
I shit you not, I had one come through my app the other day that was 323MB for a 2 hour show! Nothing like blowing through 3% of your data cap for one friggin' podcast! And that wasn't even video. Needless to say I'll be double-checking its size before hitting "Enable download over cellular" button next week. 
For download keep the file compact and leave it mono. Not everyone has the space or download capacity or time for 2 hour monsters at 80Mb.
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